This is where your resume begins.

Ollie is a fun and rewarding way to turn your strengths into experience and get paid while you do it. Whether you’re tutoring a classmate or helping around the house, you don’t have to be a varsity athlete or AP student to have a lasting impact on another family.

With each job you finish, we build your resume, complete with reviews, to start preparing you for life beyond school.  When you’re ready, Ollie will compile all your experience and feedback together into an Ollie Resume that you can use to wow any college or future employer.

Want to meet nearby peers with similar interests or college alumni from your dream university? Would you like to chat with neighborhood professionals to learn what their career is really like? Maybe you’ve thought about volunteering to help local non-profits carry out their mission?  Ollie can help with all that too.


  • Jobs that match your unique set of skills
  • Flexible schedule that you design
  • Secure one-on-one chat keeps your personal information private
  • Calendar that tracks both Ollie and personal activities
  • Profile that stores your work experience in one convenient location


Teens in Arlington VA can preregister NOW. Don’t wait, this special offer is only available to our early adopters.

  • $19
    Annual Student Membership
  • Unlimited access to jobs, peers, college alumni, and professionals; job tracking and reviews; unlimited downloads of Ollie Resume; and parental access to teen’s account

Parents of Teens:

College admissions counselors say that the one thing most often missing from applications is work experience. Ollie helps your teen find valuable work experience without sacrificing homework, sports or extracurriculars. They learn important skills for the professional world, make some extra cash, and contribute to your community all while getting a leg up on whatever comes next.

Of course, safety is our top priority. Teens must sign up with a parent, and parents have access to everything their teen does through the service. By keeping Ollie a subscription service, we attract members who are here for the right reasons. Your access to your teen’s account is included in their annual Student Membership.

Ollie is your teen’s digital neighborhood meetup.  We help with the introductions, but we don’t get involved with child labor laws or IRS rules for teenage employment. This responsibility is best left in your hands, but we’ll link you to information in our Resource Center that will point you in the right direction.