Frequently Asked Questions

Why do teens need Ollie?

Most teens want to work and earn some extra cash but finding a job that fits their busy schedule can be tough. Many try posting on community boards and stuffing mailboxes, but teens need a better way to find valuable work experience. Ollie makes job hunting easy and helps teens network in their community.

Why does the community need Ollie?

Parents want to hire help, without breaking the bank. Teens make great employees, not to mention prized mentors, coaches and role models for younger kids. Ollie connects eager teens with parents who need help – it’s a win-win for everyone. Teens earn money and gain valuable experience while making parents’ lives a little easier.

What are the different ways teens can earn money?

Ollie isn’t just another place for teens to find burger-flipping, ice-cream scooping jobs. Ollie helps teens be entrepreneurial and parents be resourceful. We organize searches into 4 main categories: Sports, Academics, Hobbies and Household. Within this framework, we encourage teens and parents to get creative.

SPORTS:  Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Cheer, Dance, Lacrosse, Fencing, Field Hockey, Football, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Golf, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Skateboarding, Soccer, Softball, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Track/Field, Water Polo, Yoga

ACADEMICS:  Math Skills, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Writing, Computer Skills, Debate, Test Prep, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, Spanish

HOBBIES:  Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing, Photography, Videography, Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Oil Painting, Cartooning, Calligraphy, Paper Arts, Animation, Jewelry Making, Robotics, Chess, Cello, Clarinet, Guitar, Flute, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet/Horns, Violin, Vocal

HOUSEHOLD:  Car Care, Childcare, Cooking, Errands, Home Improvement, Home Technology, Laundry, Lawn Care, Pet Care, Plant Care

What makes Ollie different than other job platforms?

Ollie is a networking platform designed to help teens find jobs, but unlike other teen employment sites, Ollie connects teens with parents who want to hire help. Ollie is community focused, so all jobs are in the neighborhood. But Ollie is about more than just finding jobs. Ollie wants to help teens thrive, so we also give you tools to track your experience and network professionally.

What is an Ollie Resume?

Ollie automatically tracks every job completed and every review earned. At any time, you can request a summary of all the hours you’ve worked. The Ollie Resume is a sleek infographic that demonstrates your unique job experience and is a great way to showcase your talents to universities and future employers. No other job site offers that!

How will teens get paid for their work?

Ollie is a tool for teens to find jobs and for parents to find help, but Ollie is not an employer or an employment agency. We don’t get involved in job details or job payments. It is up to teens and parents to negotiate rates, dates, times and expectations. We’ve designed a platform that keeps parents involved in the process to help ensure teens stay compliant with child labor laws, IRS regulations and Ollie’s Community Standards. Our Resource Center also has a ton of information to steer you in the right direction.

How much does Ollie cost?

Ollie is a subscription service. It’s one of the many ways we strive to ensure the right people are here for the right reasons. Teens pay a $10 annual fee to use the network and maintain their database of experience. Parents of teens are also granted access to the site as part of that $10 annual fee. Parents looking to hire help can pay quarterly or annually to post unlimited jobs. Keep in mind that Ollie will only track jobs that are posted on the Ollie Calendar, and these are the only jobs that will be included in the Ollie Resume.

How does Ollie protect my personal data?

Ollie is password encrypted. We will never sell your personal information or give it to another user. We do not geo-track and we do not use behaviorally-targeted advertising. Profile pages only display a user’s first name, last initial and user name. Your last name, address, birthdate and school are for administrative uses only and will never be shared.

In addition, we strongly encourage users to NOT post any personal information on Ollie, or any other site for that matter. We have intentionally built the Ollie platform so that teens especially do not need to share personal information online. The best time to share that would be during a “safe” interview in a public location, and only after you have discussed it with your parents.

What precautions does Ollie take to keep teens safe?

Ollie was built by parents so you can rest assured that safety has been at the forefront of every decision we’ve made. In fact, we consulted with leading child privacy and safety experts to make sure we are protecting teens’ personal information and keeping parents in the loop.

However, Ollie is not a substitute for the critical role parents play in their teens day-to-day lives. Parents must authorize their teen to join the Ollie community and parents will get notifications when jobs are accepted by their teen. Remember, authorizing emails and tracking online notifications do not replace day-to-day conversations and hands-on oversight of your child. We recommend that parents either take their teens to interviews in public locations or makes sure they’ve discussed only meeting in a public spot. We also strongly suggest that parents always know where their teen is working and are an active participant in their teens’ Ollie community. Ollie is empowering teens to make smart and safe choices in an increasingly online world. Developing and enhancing their safety IQ now will help them continue to thrive as they enter their college years.

How do I get involved with Ollie?

Teens in Arlington, VA can now log on to create a profile. Once our network goes live this summer, teens can begin searching for opportunities, and once their parent authorizes them, they can start communicating with potential employers. Parents will be able to register this summer to begin posting jobs.

Additionally, we are creating teams of Ollie Ambassadors to help us network in schools and throughout the community. If you’re a teen looking for branding or marketing work experience and you think Ollie is a good fit, send us an email at – we’d love to meet you!